Parish News (July 22 & 23, 2023)

  • A group of Youth from the Diocese of Richmond, including 3 from our parish will be participating in the World Youth Day that will take place in August in Lisbon, Portugal. These young people will not only be participating in the Youth Day, but they will also be on a mission together with the Comboni Missionary House in Lisbon. For this reason they need your financial help to donate to the homeless children which this missionary house has. They do missions in Lisbon and Africa, and the money raised will help this mission.  Please contribute with what you can or by buying donuts or muffins that will be sold after the 9am Mass . Thank you very much for your generosity and we will be praying for you in our mission.
  • Chris Kotula will lead the Rosary after the 9am Mass. Please gather near the ambo.  All are invited.
  • We have accumulated 50 years of items in our attic here at church and we are in the process of cleaning it out. If there is a donated item near and dear to you, please contact Maintenance as soon as possible.