WINGS (Women in God’s Spirit)

– To provide a warm, welcoming, safe place for the women of St. Augustine’s and other women of faith from our surrounding community to share in their faith, discover their gifts, and grow in the Spirit with the support of their Christian sisters. Prayer, music, scripture study, life sharing, and fellowship will be the key elements of this faith enhancement group.
– Women will be encouraged to grow in their relationship with God and thereby be strengthened to go out and share their love with family, friends, parish community, neighbors, and the world in which they live.
– All women are welcome to share in this spiritually and emotionally rewarding prayer and study group. WINGS meet every Wednesday (unless otherwise noted) at St. Augustine’s from 9:45 to 11:45 am.
– Any other questions please contract Sharon Harrison, WINGS Moderator at (804) 683-7199.

Bible Study

– Tuesday bible study 9:30 (after daily mass) Is a discussion of the Gospel for the next Sunday’s mass. All are welcome to participate.
– Kathie Evans

Food Pantry

– Food Pantry is a volunteer ministry to feed the hungry. at the Auxiliary building beside the rectory. Our clients are sent to us by referral of CCHASM, a volunteer agency, or referred by St Augustine Church office. We offer non-perishable food and fresh on Saturday mornings 9 to 10:00am (or as need dictates).
– Cathie Mason

Saint Augustine Catholic Church Choir

– Do you like to sing? Do you like to pray? – Then come and join us! St. Augustine said, “Who sings, prays twice!” We are a group of 26 men and women who love to sing, and we also love to welcome new faces – and voices. Some of us have had little to no formal music education; some have received as much as a degree in music – but we all work together under the direction of Kathy Musselman to bring a joyful sound to the church. We attend choir practice on Wednesday evening’s from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the church and invite men and women over the age of 16 to join us.
– If you are interested in joining the choir, or want to know more, please contact Kathy Musselman on (804) 338-6854

Hospital Ministry

– We here at St. Augustine Parish minister the Eucharistic Ministers for Chippenham Hospital in the even months. Pastoral care of the sick may be viewed as a Christmas ministry. Our mission is to bring to patients the awareness that Christ is born anew within us. Emmanuel, God with us. Visitation to the sick is a rewarding experience.
– Contact the church office 804-275-7962 to volunteer.

Poor Box Breakfast

– The Poor Box breakfast is held on the 3rd Sunday of the month from September through May. All the proceeds from the breakfast are used to purchase items for our pantry at St Augustine’s. Besides attending the breakfast, help is needed with cooking, setting up and serving the meal. For almost 30 years, this ministry has been here. Please consider attending as well as ministering.
– Contact Kathy Jones at 804-748-5587 or 804-986-9627 for more information.

Women’s Guild

– Today St. Augustine’s Women’s Guild, faces continuing Evolution. Our membership has been reduced by illness and death. The cost of living keeps more young women in the work force. Demand for more handmade items is less. We shall still hold raffles and Christmas Bazaars to raise money for the parish. But there is a now more human side to our mission. There is a greater need to recognize the physical problems our fellow parishioners face. The prayer shawls we give for comfort, the lap robes we give the Little Sisters and the Hispanic Confirmation class, and the quilts we give families first are becoming an important part of our parish work. With your help, we must increase our membership to accomplish our mission.
– Janet Bettinger 804-272-0440 or Diane DePlato 804-275-6373