Preparing for the Weekend May 30/31

Once more the weekend is upon us. So let me go over the basics for mass this weekend.

To all persons in high risk groups remember that you are still Safer at Home and we will be live-streaming the Sunday masses (not Saturday).

Masses will be  Saturday: 4:30 English, 7:30 Spanish 
                           Sunday.  8:30 English, 11:30 Spanish
We will not be separating people by last name this weekend. When the Church is full, we will have to turn people away.

If you are age 10 or older, you must bring and wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.
Children age 7-9 who have made their first communion and plan to receive should also wear masks.

You should be prepared to answer three basic health question, and we will be keeping a record of names and phone numbers, so we can notify you if someone at the mass later tests positive.

Thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing some of you at Church for the Solemnity of Pentecost.