COVID 19 Update

Dear Parishioners:

Over the last few days, it had been brought to my attention that more than one person who attended mass Christmas Eve and Christmas Day has tested positive for COVID-19.

As you know, we at St. Augustine hold to a strict policy of requiring all those attending any event in our parish ages 5 and older to wear an approved mask covering both the nose and the mouth. In addition, we practice social distancing and follow the diocesan guidelines regarding the distribution of communion. All of this is to mitigate as much as possible the spread of the virus.

As your pastor, I would encourage all of you who attended one of these masses to be tested. For more information about free testing in the Chesterfield Health District please go to: Chesterfield Health /. And if you experience any symptoms, please seek medical attention. We will continue to do all in our power to provide both ministry to our people and a safe environment for that ministry.

I know that it is difficult to be away from the church you love, but I would strongly encourage those of you who at high risk to continue to participate in our virtual parish, online via Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom, as well as our website ( We know that even across great distances the Holy Spirit binds us together as the one Body of Christ.

In 2121 we will continue to expand our online offerings and hopefully soon the vaccine will make it possible for us to gather in person once more as a community. In the meantime, let us continue to unite ourselves in prayer, scripture and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Fr. Wayne